Her approach of training delivery includes interactive methods such as role play, case studies, personal stories, exercises and group work.

The training services that she can provide include seminars and workshops on:

- Business start-up

- Community engagement

- FGM: ‘Educate to Eradicate’

"Dr Siad is an entrepreneur who started her first business at the age of 7 years and more recently while juggling with education, charity work and family, she successfully managed to establish multiple ventures both in Somalia and the UK. She provides training and support on business start-up, which includes developing business ideas into → a plan → into taking an action → into sustainable business."

"Dr Siad brings a multi-faceted experience and knowledge of FGM as she is an educator in FGM drawing on more than 19 years’ experience in Denmark and the UK as well as having personal experience, including seeing the impact of FGM on young girls when working as a nurse and midwife assistant in Somalia. She has trained healthcare professionals (including doctors, midwives, nurses, and health visitors), social workers, head teachers, teachers and teacher assistants, lawyers, police officers, students, charities/NGOs and community and religious leaders."

"..working now for more than 11 years on community-based projects, Dr Siad has accumulated a rich knowledge of community engagement and will facilitate a bespoke training programme on this subject"