Talks – Public Speaking (Public Engagements)

As a public speaker, Dr Sadiyo Siad (a medical multi-specialist, consultant and entrepreneur) is a stimulating, inspirational, passionate and ambitious woman. She is someone who believes that change begins within and that your passion and interest is the fuel, catalyst and the perseverance of a great outcome.

Dr Sadiyo’s entrepreneurial spirit resulted in her creating multiple ventures in the UK and in Somalia as an expression of her determination to be a catalyst for change. She has delivered public talks at national and international conferences and events and has featured on many media outlet – television and radio news programmes including BBC Radio Leicester, BBC TV East Midlands, Channel 4, ITV and Universal TV (Somali TV), as well as being interviewed by journalists at the Leicester Mercury.

She is one of the most active Somali leaders in the UK (Somali Voice), a multi-skilled advocate of community issues from the Somali community.

"Dr Sadiyo’s public speaking engagement talks encompass: motivational, personal and professional development, education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, parenting and supporting youth, overcoming challenges, cultural understanding, immigration/refugee/asylum issues."