Dr Sadiyo Siad is a medical multi-specialist, lecturer, consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Her medical education includes a PhD in Tuberculosis and Immunology, a Mater Degree in Infectious Diseases and Immunology, another Master Degree in Medical Diagnostics, a PGD in Medical Pathology, with Honours in Undergraduate Degree at the University of Leicester and Cranfield University, and a Diploma in Nursing from her early work as a nurse and midwife assistant.

Dr Sadiyo Siad is a public speaker, and delivers training and consultancy in areas such as education, public health, community development, empowerment and gender. She has spoken at many national and international conferences and events and has also featured on many television and radio news programmes including BBC Leicester Radio on several occasions, and BBC TV East Midlands, Channel 4, ITV, HBO and Universal TV (Somali TV), as well as speaking to journalists at the Leicester Mercury.

After, Dr Siad’s first ‘transformative moment’ which was the catalyst of starting her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 7, she then has established businesses both in Somalia and in the UK.

One of the remarkable charity work of Dr Sadiyo Siad is being the founder of UK registered charity – called ‘Eva Organization for Women’ (aka EOW-Charity) which lead her to go to Somalia back in August 2011 to do a humanitarian aid work for drought and famine victims and to carry out a pilot project by empowering youth and women in Somalia. Since then, the charity was operating at a low scale and also conducting thorough research in many Somali regions including Mogadishu, Hargeisa and Jigjiga in Ethiopia on the situation of joblessness among youth and inability of women to sustain them financially. After the successful research, Dr Sadiyo Siad realized that many young people and women suffer as a result of abject poverty. On the other hand, the education system in Somalia doesn’t prepare the learners for the future in the job market. The lack of innovation and use of the outdated rote method has led to churning out of half-baked graduates who cannot survive in the current competitive global workplace.

For this and many other reasons, in 2015 Dr Sadiyo Siad has established a social enterprise academy (Hano Academy) which started its first operation in Mogadishu, Somalia in September 2016. Hano Academy is an Academic Progression and Polytechnic Academy, designed to equip, support and uplift learners in Somalia through educational development (providing Capacity-Building Education to the Somali elites on professional progression) and skills training (vocational and technical skills training to the technical labor-oriented Somalis) with employability skills and creating employment opportunities.

Hano is a Somali word which, when translated into English, means ‘Achieve’. This is a brand name of a several social enterprise ventures which are contributing to Somali’s economics, peacebuilding, employment and social development.

Her message:

“Aim High, Be Resilient and Make a Difference”